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Blink of an Eye™ Podcast: It’s a wrap for 2023!

The Blink of an Eye™ Podcast explores stories of trauma, loss, awakening, and epiphanies beginning with Louise’s story as a mom of Archer’s Spinal Cord Injury accident and the journey from death to new life.  This story is the genesis of Blink of an Eye nonprofit which exists to serve other SCI families in crisis to transition and the new normal.  As we move into 2024, we will be opening up limited opportunities for sponsorship for the Podcast.

As we look back on 2023, we are proud that the Blink of an Eye Podcas has:

Expanded the origin story to add a Trauma Healing Learning series interviewing trauma experts from around the world, and we created a Dear Louise series where I interview heroes and innovators living with Spinal Cord Injury.

  • Hired a new co-producer with extensive sound engineering expertise.
  • Created a new brand tile on the Podcast, new intro and new outro for the Trauma Healing Learning Series and the Dear Louise w SCI heroes Series.
  • Interviewed 13 Spinal cord Injury heroes and innovators for the Blink of an Eye™ Podcast, and produced 13 episodes of the Dear Louise series, with sponsorship by Blink of an Eye™ nonprofit. Guests have also included CEOs and Executive Directors of SCI Foundations such as High Fives and U2FP (Unite to Fight Paralysis) and the NerveGen Trial Program Manager.
  • Interviewed 15 Trauma Healing experts from around the world for the Blink of an Eye™ Podcast, and produced 13 episodes of the Trauma Healing Learning series, with sponsorship by Blink of an Eye™ nonprofit.
  • Blink of an Eye™ Podcast is a Top 15 Podcast on Spinal Cord Injury in the world.
  • Won a national award from Podbean and Apple in October for best podcast trailer as voted on by listeners across the US. We won by over 1500 votes. We were awarded $2600 for 2 weeks of free advertising on Apple and we got over 1 million impressions.

We have an exciting new season planned that will begin in February of 2024.  I hope Blink of an Eye™ Podcast inspires you to explore the true nature of our relationships and interconnectedness in the face of tragic events in our lives that change everything. None of us can escape trauma.

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