Blink of an Eye™ Nonprofit 2023

Blink of an Eye™ Nonprofit 2023 Year in Review

Thank you for your support of Blink of an EyeTM nonprofit as we continue our work to support and nurture families affected by Spinal Cord Injuries.  Our mission is to create an Extraordinary Experience despite the devastation for SCI Families in the first 30 days of crisis and all the transitions of the Miracle Year.  We can do so much more with your support.  Please consider donating to our 501(c)(3) organization today.

This year, we:

  • Serviced 15 families, directly touching 105 people affected by SCI crisis.
  • Developed and trained four rapid response HEAL Team members across the country.
  • Trained 9 Navigators through Baltimore Mediation’s nationally recognized Mediation & Conflict Transformation Skills 40 hour trainings from the Relational Approach.
  • Created a partnership with Sheltering Arms Institute, one of the 14 Model SCI Facilities in the US.
  • Created a partnership with the United States Lifesaving Association and spoke to over 350 Beach Patrol lifeguards in Maryland, New Jersey and California about Blink of an Eye™ rapid response HEAL teams and the 24/7 Family Navigators.
  • Created a partnership with United Spine Association to create video messages about Blink of an Eye™ services and mini-trainings on relational advocacy for those living with SCI.

Next year, with your help, we want to:

  • Build our infrastructure and raise funds and financial support to serve 50 families, and 350 people facing SCI crisis.
  • Launch the Digital “Essential SCI Guide for the first 30 days” as an effective always-available tool for the families, friends and medical staff facing the 18,000 annual acute SCIs each year.
  • Continue to build our HEAL Teams and Navigators by recruiting 3 more Navigators and 2 more HEAL team members and continuing to deeply train our navigators in conflict transformation, trauma informed and relational approaches.
  • Partner with a local Baltimore-area hospital and provide services to their SCI patients.
  • Build our relationship with foundations to fund us to help us build our infrastructure locally and expand nationally.
  • Run a large research project on the efficacy of the Blink of an Eye™ Relational SCI Care model to test and refine our process.
  • Create three events to increase Blink of an Eye™ visibility and raise needed funds, including a Blink of and Eye™ Celebrate Movement Day and Diving Awareness with local Baltimore schools, a Gala and a Golf Outing.

Together we can do much more, helping the nearly 18,000 families annually who are affected by SCI. Here’s how you can help:

  • Help get the word out about the transformational work of Blink of an Eye™ nonprofit. Please follow us on social media and share our story.
  • Share our work with your network – we need visibility and financial support to continue to meet the overwhelming need of families in SCI crisis.

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