Blink of an Eye Podcast: Season 4 Episode 6 – THL: Teachings and Insights with Steve Corn

Steve Corn, a music industry titan in Los Angeles, faced his own trauma and pivoted his life in a new direction: patient advocacy regarding medical bills. Understanding the overwhelm of trauma, he enlightens hospital patients about the expenses associated with medical procedures and skillfully handles for them the massive bills that follow, even when the patient has health insurance. His motivation stems from a life-altering event that occurred in his family in the blink of an eye.  Steve’s advocacy doesn’t stop with tips on how to work with insurance companies. Did he say meniscus? Yes, he did.  Join Louise to learn an imaginative and scientific way to describe the trauma experience, surprising tips for skin wounds, as well as how to help your friends who are facing a medical crisis.

blink of an eye is created by Louise Phipps Senft and co-produced by Mike Serman. Theme music for the story is by Victoria Vox. Theme music for the Trauma.Healing.Learning and Dear Louise is by Ian Kelosky.

blink of an eye Podcast is sponsored by the blink of an eye Non Profit: a non-profit created as an essential national resource for Spinal Cord Injured families and medical teams in the first days and weeks of SCI crisis when life turns upside down and few medical teams have SCI expertise. blink of an eye non profit provides transformative intervention to change the Spinal Cord Injury experience for families and medical teams into an Extraordinary Experience despite the devastation by providing a national team of SCI specialized doctors for expert opinions in the Golden Hours of SCI injury, a Multidisciplinary Family Navigation & Support Team for SCI families lead by SCI families which travels to be bedside and available thereafter 24/7 for the first 30 days of crisis, and a National Digital Resource Library of essential SCI information and trauma informed responses for the first hours and days after injury–what you need to know/say/do specialized for SCI families, friends and medical staff. blink of an eye also offers a Registry of Medically Unexpected SCI Recoveries. To find out more, visit

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This video segment starts at 9:15 seconds into the podcast.  

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