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Blink of an EyeTM podcast with Louise Phipps Senft, explores stories of trauma, loss, awakening, and epiphanies. Ms. Senft recounts her experience navigating a life-changing accident that rendered her son, Archer, paralyzed from the neck on down, and expands the story with interviews of those behind the scene. Told through real journal entries and inspiring guests, Blink of an EyeTM  will inspire you to explore the true nature of our relationships and interconnectedness in the face of an event that changes everything.

Coming in Spring 2024, Season 5 will focus on the SCI journey:  from the initial call to emergency personnel, to the first hours and days of injury, through the first 30 days and into the Miracle Year of rehabilitation and the new normal.

Blink of an EyeTM  Podcast is the primary outreach and education arm of Blink of an EyeTM  Nonprofit, which sends trauma healing experts bedside within the first hours and days of injury and provides wraparound support through the first 30 days of crisis and into the Miracle Year.

Your support helps us continue this important work. Contact us at 443-524-0833 to sponsor. Listen to our episodes below.

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